Colonial House serves Preschool aged children from two to six years of age with half to Full Day options. At the core of the program is our Pre-K mixed aged classroom with options to attend two, three or five days. The children in the Pre-K program, regardless of the days they attend have access to all of our Centers that are listed below. The center based classroom works on a four-week rotation to create a balance in their educational needs.

We also offer a T.K. program that ensures the readiness of your child for their first experience in Kindergarten. Limited in size, this program exposes your child to Kindergarten level work in our small group environment while letting the child indicate their pace. Through out the year, the Pre-K and T.K. children participate in a number of local walking field trips. These trips are always educational in material and a fun way to learn about their community.

Colonial House serves toddlers with our First Year’s program starting at age two. This program is a wonderful introduction to the classroom environment for the child just leaving the nest or the seasoned independent child ready for a Full Day. We work closely with First Year’s students and parents to ensure they transition well to their new environment, as each and every child is considered a unique part of our very special community.


Pre-Reading/Pre-Writing: At Colonial House we will continue our Pre-Reading/Pre-Writing center. We have incorporated the Handwriting Without Tears approach, as well as Zoo Phonics. Zoo Phonics will introduce your emerging reader to sight words.
Phonic Focus encompasses:

  •  Letters – ABC books which reinforces the Letter/Sound
  •  Sound Recognition
  •  Letter Combinations
  • Sight Word Recognition

Math Concepts: The children will focus on exposure to numeral recognition and number sets. In addition, we will begin a more in-depth look at various shapes and their properties.

Math Focus encompasses:

  • Number and the representation of Numbers
  • Sorting
  • Stacking
  • Patterns
  • Graphing


Library and Resource Center: Colonial House has an extensive library of rotating children’s books for a range of ages that children can look at independently or have read aloud. We also have multiple computers, on which children can learn how to appropriately use technology for more than just playing games. The children will be able to utilize our library and resource center on a regular basis to learn about a variety of topics in ways that will prepare students for their future education.

Colonial Express/Circle Time: At Colonial House, your children will take part in engaging circle-time activities in our Colonial Express. Here we will get to know our fellow students, as well as be introduced to each of our monthly themes. Dancing, sing-a-longs, and exploring concepts like calendars and days of the week, will encourage active participation in building friendships and learning more about the world around us. We look forward to learning more about our own cultures and those of our friends as we travel with our classmates.

Physical Education, Music, Dance, and Gross Motor: Your child will be working on balance and coordination as well as group cooperation and teamwork. Children will be participating in a variety of physical activities in both indoor and outdoor environments; including yoga, gymnastics, ever-changing obstacle courses, and sports basics in soccer and basketball. Children will often have the opportunity to listen to music and express themselves through dance and movement. There will also be times that children learn the steps to an organized dance.

Cooking and Science: Children at Colonial House are able to actively participate in mixing, measuring, spreading, and counting all while making balanced foods and exciting experiments. These activities teach such concepts as math, science, small motor skills, and teamwork. Basic nutrition, proper etiquette, and hygiene are all introduced. Children at Colonial House will also learn about these basics as a foundation that will be built upon as they go through our program.

As we approach each school year, we at Colonial House are grateful for the opportunity to get to know your child and his/her special talents and gifts. As always, do not hesitate to ask any of us if you have any specific questions or concerns. We look forward to a great school year!

The Colonial House Staff