Founded in the fall of 2000, Colonial House Preschool was the dream of early childhood educator, Joanna Hawkins. Colonial House Preschool was formed to not only create a unique environment for young children but to challenge the surrounding community of educators: it creates a safe and imaginative educational environment for children two through six years of age.

Colonial House ideals are based on the mixed-age classroom where students can learn from each other. Although traditional age-based classrooms serve well for most, we, at Colonial House, feel that a child can experience so much more during the process of education while being a mentor or mentee.

Today, Colonial House has grown into a multifaceted program, rich in diversity with a passion for creativity within our programming. While tradition can be learned from, Colonial House pushes towards educational opportunities not readily available to most. The early mixed-age classrooms have grown into center-based environments that foster independence, self-reliance and instill a love for learning in a nurturing environment.

The teachers at Colonial House comprise a wide cross section from our local community and beyond, bringing with them highly educated backgrounds and passion from their own life experiences. The creativity and the drive can be seen from the teachers at Colonial House, as each and every child is considered a unique part of our very special community.

Colonial House preschool is growing up, consider growing with us.


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